PORTUGAL, SÃO LUIS, Festival Montras, 2023


PORTUGAL, SÃO LUIS, Centro CoRe, 2023


ALENTEJO, mural on my house, 2023


LISBON, paintjam for the women’s day, organized by Yes You Can Spray, 2022


LISBON, common space of a Guesthouse, 2022


LISBON, rua Bemformosa, paintjam organized by Yes You Can Spray, 2018


GEORGIA, Tbilisi and Batumi, Street Art Festival, 2017


LISBON, Beco do Maldonado, Art Festival, 2016


LISBON, walls, different places, 2016-18


ALENTEJO, Quinta Alada, entrance of a glamping, 2019


BORDEAUX, événement Street Art, organized by Colourfull, 2018


BRUSSELS, Culinaria Festival, 2013


BRUSSELS, Kosmopolite Art Tour, oragnized by Farm Prod, 2014


BRUSSELS, private kid’s bedroom, 2011


LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE, Kosmopolite Art Tour, oragnized by Farm Prod, 2012


BRUSSELS, restaurant chez Gaston, rue du trône, 2009


BRUSSELS, Brasserie Houtsiplou, place Rouppe, 2008


BRUSSELS, Restaurant Gudule, 2007


BRUSSELS, walls alone and with friends, in different places